September 20, 2016, by Dawn Hazle

Introduction to Roleplaying and Wargaming Society

If the thought of all those themed club nights for the first few weeks of term leaves you wishing you’d stayed at home, there are other ways of meeting like-minded people.  For me, that was Roleplaying and Wargaming Society, or RPGSoc.  I joined RPGSoc as a wargamer, but RPGSoc had other interesting activities for me to try.

Live Action Role-Playing (LARP): alternate Saturday and Tuesday evenings, Wednesday afternoons

I describe it to non-roleplayers as ‘running around hitting each other with foam sticks’.  Of course, there’s more to it than this but getting dressed up, grabbing a sword or an axe and yelling magic spells at each other is pretty much the crux of RPGSoc’s slimmed-down rules system.  It’s worth trying: I loved it so much I even ran it for four years, having never tried it until I arrived at Uni.

Live-Action Role-Playing

Tabletop Roleplaying: Thursday evenings

Dungeons & Dragons, Paranoia, Shadowrun… Basically, you sit round a table with some friends and roll some dice, adding numbers for your character’s statistics.  It’s highly imagination-based, so it’s a lot more interesting than it sounds!  I mean, where else can you play an evil dragon polymorphed into a gnome that uses its dark sorcerous powers to rain down vengeance upon the weak?

Dungeons & Dragons

Boardgaming and cardgaming: Sunday afternoon and evenings

Most non-European families seem to think boardgames consist of children’s’ games and Monopoly, but I suggest you Google ‘Settlers of Catan’ for an idea of a good boardgame with lots of replayability.  If you’re looking for a quiet afternoon of exchanging wood for sheep, collecting crystal skulls or building spaceships from sewer pipes, come and have a go.  We also have a vibrant cardgaming scene, including Magic: The Gathering and LCGs like Lord of the Rings.


Wargaming: Sunday afternoon and evenings

It’s not all Warhammer: we have a flourishing Guild Ball community, a committed group of WarmaHordes players and even some ancient Specialist Games diehards.  Personally, I’m more into the model-making and -painting side so there are plenty of opportunities to hone your craft skills too.

Wargames: Inquisitor

Other Activities

When we’re not gaming (usually 5 times each week), we go on pub trips, to see films, host a houseparty or two, organise have-a-go sessions and, usually, attend the National Student Roleplaying and Wargaming Championships.  However, we won that last year and so it’s our turn to host!  This will be an amazing experience to be involved in, so if you feel like helping out, get in contact.

RPGSoc Champions

The best part about RPGSoc is the camaraderie: why else would I still be here, about to start my 15th year?!

Dawn Hazle is General Secretary of RPGSoc and a postgraduate student in Russian Studies.

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