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Introduction to Poker Soc

For many of you, your only experience of poker may have been watching James Bond play a high octane game in Casino Royale. But fear not, Poker Society at UoN is neither the super high stakes nor the black-tie affair portrayed in the movies.

Poker Society organises weekly tournaments normally with an entry cost of £5. The entry fee is put into a prize fund resulting a weekly pot of several hundred pounds that is distributed normally to the top 10% of finishers in the tournaments. Tournaments tend to run from seven to midnight and offer participants the opportunity to try and play their way to the final table. The final table is generally the start of the prize awarding and finishing positions so if you make it to this stage then you have a good chance of becoming a winner!

Although the tournaments are competitive there is a strong social element to society events, having eight students around a table enjoying a fun game is a good way to converse and relax in a friendly environment. Personally I have always enjoyed meeting different players most sessions due to the randomisation of where you must sit when the tournament begins.

The socials naturally still revolve around the theme of poker, most terms visits are made to local poker rooms for football nights (normally on a Wednesday).  For a poker newbie this society is a great place to start. Most poker rooms will have tournaments costing upwards of £30, but with a £5 entry fee weekly the tournaments we put on are accessible and are suitable for players of all ability levels.

Packed house for a tournament last year

Packed house for a tournament last year

The best way to get involved with the society is simply to visit us during fresher’s week and come along to one of the tournaments. If you have little or no experience playing the sport do not worry, someone on your table will explain the basics and you will quickly learn through live play. One thing to mention is that learning the art of being a winner may take more than a few sessions!

See you in September.

Written by Max Palmer, President of Poker Soc

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