September 18, 2016, by Guest Blogger

Introduction to Theology Society

The Theology Society better known as ‘TheoSoc’ is a society that has been set up to enable Theology students and those interested in Theology to engage with one another! I have been a member of TheoSoc from first year and have seen it grow from strength to strength. We have regular socials such as bar crawls, educational talks and pub quizzes! This year we also branched out with PhilSoc to host a Symposium and a summer ball. We have also achieved silver status for our society this year which allows us even more perks for our society members!

As President, this year I am responsible for overseeing the general activities of the society. The one great thing of being part of a small department means that everyone in TheoSoc are really great friends. We also have great relations with the staff in our department which means we co-host an annual Christmas and summer party together and lecturers even turn up to our pub quizzes! If you’re looking for a way to make new friends, even if you’re outside of the Theology department, TheoSoc is the society for you! I have personally met my best friends through TheoSoc and it allows me a safe space in which to socialise and share our interests together.

This year, I’m hoping to continue encompassing freshers into our friendly society. We are looking for a freshers rep this year which will mean that a first year can attend our committee meetings and represent the first years in the society. We’re a really diverse and open minded society and are always looking for new and exciting activities for you! We’re hosting pizza and film nights this year and a ‘get to know your city’ trip which will consist of us showing you around Nottingham and taking you to all the best places.
To get involved please follow us on social media! Our Facebook page is @theosoc1617 and our twitter is @UoNTheoSoc. Please come and find us at the freshers stall and don’t be afraid to say hello!

Written by
Jenn Prosser (TheoSoc President)

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