September 17, 2016, by Paul H

Introduction Flair and Bartending Society

“I’m too clumsy for this” was my catchphrase when I let my friends convince me to come along to the first few Flair sessions last year. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one dropping bottles on other people’s feet attempting to flip it around my arm; the room was filled with heavy thuds, much laughter and many ‘Sorry’s‘. I did master it though! I can now impress all of my friends if they ever trust me juggling their alcohol bottles. The best part? Flair sessions are completely free to members, and run from 6-7 pm every Tuesday and Thursday.

From my experience, Mixology sessions are a great way to learn the tricks of the trade and the history behind some classic cocktails. Though if you’re not into that, they’re a good excuse to spend time with friends in a cool bar, sipping cocktails that you made yourself. This year the venue is The Hockley Arts Club. If you haven’t been I highly recommend the bar on the top floor: It has an ‘electric garden’ theme! Mixologies are every Tuesday from 8pm till late and you get to make two cocktails for ₤6 if you’re a member and ₤7.50 if you’re not.

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We also have a mystery ingredient cocktail competition at the end of the year. Last year, mystery ingredients included mint sauce, tabasco and even baby food. I was so proud of my ‘Under the Sea’ cocktail: it was bright blue and bubbly with a star-shaped lemon in it! I’ll give you the recipe if you’re interested: you can Facebook (FlairSoc), email ( or tweet us (@NUFlairSoc). You can also do this also if you have any questions. If you fancy checking out what our Mixologies look like, follow us on Instagram (@nuflairsoc).

FlairSoc also host socials throughout the year; from nights at Crisis and Christmas dinners (garish Xmas jumper obligatory) to bowling. We even go to Roadhouse in London to watch the WFA Flair World Championship. My favourite social had to be when we went for a game of laser tag: you can get back at your friends for making you try their horrible “Lamb’s Navy rum and mint sauce” cocktail (I do not recommend – sorry Dan).

If you’re interested in joining, come and see us at the Welcome Festival and take a look at our site here:

Written by Julia Collins
FlairSoc General Secretary



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