September 14, 2016, by Anne S

Welcome to the Faculty of Science

If you’re studying a course related to agriculture, animal science, biotechnology, chemistry, computing, environmental science, food and nutrition, mathematics, pharmacy, physics or psychology you’re now part of the Faculty of Science. Welcome! Here are some things you should know about your lovely Faculty.

What schools are in the Faculty?

Where is the Faculty?

The Faculty has schools based over all three of the campuses – University Park, Jubilee and Sutton Bonington.

Where’s the library?

Our students tend to use George Green Library on University Park and James Cameron Gifford library on Sutton Bonington.

What kind of facilities are there?

State of the art laboratories, computing facilities, a practice pharmacy, a roof-top observatory with several optical and radio telescopes.. Biosciences students have access to the University Farm and Dairy Centre on Sutton Bonington. Most Schools have student common rooms and easy access to central campus locations for food and meeting places to take time out from your work.

Where’s the best place to get coffee from closest to where I’ll be studying?

You can get Starbucks coffee from the cafe in George Green Library,

Does the Faculty have any famous staff?

Professor Martyn Poliakoff from Chemistry, Professor Philip Moriarty and Professor Michael Merrifield from Physics are all YouTube stars! (search for Periodic Table of Videos on YouTube)

What’s the Faculty famous for?

Dr Stewart Adams created ibuprofen; alumnus Sir Andrew Witty is the CEO of GlaxoSmithKline; Sir Peter Mansfield won a Nobel prize for pioneering work developing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in 2003, Frederick Kipping discovered silicone polymers.

Are there any student societies related to my course?

Yes! ChemSoc, HackSoc, MathsSoc, NatSci Soc, PharmSoc, PhysSoc, PsychoSoc… there are also links to the Sutton Bonington Guild via the School of Biosciences. You can join societies when you get here.

What can I expect from my first week?

Lectures, seminars, hands-on work and tutorials, lab time (if it’s part of your course).

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