September 9, 2016, by Grace S

What to take to University: self-catered edition

So you’ve got your results and it is time to start getting ready for your arrival here at the University of Nottingham. Packing for university can seem very daunting but there is no need to panic and pack everything but the kitchen sink (kitchen sinks are definitely provided). This post is specifically about self-catered so I’ll just cover the food related essentials and the basics.

Things you definitely should take to university

  • Cutlery and Plates/Bowls: This may sound obvious but it is a must to bring your own. Make sure they are different and noticeable so you don’t get them mixed up with your flatmates’. I recommend taking at least two sets of everything: forks, knifes, spoons, big plates, little plates, mugs, cups and bowls
  • Cooking Utensils: I know some people recommend sharing with your flat mates but I don’t. It’s much better to have your own of the basics then it doesn’t start arguments when the shared pans sit by the sink and you are wanting to cook. So I recommend: a big pan, a smaller pan, a frying pan, a spatula, a colander, a slotted spoon, one or two baking trays, chopping board, two chopping knives, two tea towels, oven gloves.
  • Tupperware and freezer bags: Cooking for one is harder than cooking for more, portion control will take a big of getting used to. Tip: cook for two and save half the meal for the next day. Therefore Tupperware is very useful. Freezing food makes it last longer, once again useful when there is only one of you so freezer bags are a must

Things that will be helpful at university

  • Wok and/or specialist cooking equipment: A couple of my staple dishes (stirfry and fajitas) are much easier with a little wok. One of my housemates swears by her slow cooker and another loves smoothies.

Things that you definitely don’t need to take to university

  • Things that are provided: Kettle, Iron, Microwave, Toaster
  • Food: You don’t need to accumulate hordes of the food you like to take with you on the first day. There are supermarkets and little shops in the surrounding area and so it is much better to save room in your car and just do a large shop when you arrive.

The main tip I can give is: Don’t Panic. There are plenty of places in Nottingham/Beeston where you can buy anything you’ve forgotten.

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