September 2, 2016, by Grace

How to ‘adult’ at Uni

Leaving home to enter the ‘real-world’ can be daunting. Here are a couple of tips that might help make the transition a bit easier:


Whether you are being supported by your family whilst at University or solely relying on your Student Finance it is a good idea not to blow your whole budget in the first term by going crazy. Understandably you want to have a good time, and rightly so, but there are economical ways of doing so. Nottingham has some great discount offers for students both in the city and on campus, likewise you can use your NUS Card to get a little money off. My advice is to have some sort of budget plan in mind. If you have an income, great, that makes things easier. But roughly be aware of your incomings, outgoings and try and keep the outgoings less than the incomings.


Sadly moving away from home means no more delicious, lovingly home-made meals. For students going into Halls of Residence this change is made a little easier by having breakfast and dinner cooked for you and having a lunch card to use in between. For self-catered students doing your first independent food shop can be a big deal. Online food shopping is great way to go, and prevents you from getting tempted by those offers they pile up just in front of the till. If you prefer to actually go to a shop, a short walk up the road from Broadgate in Beeston is a large Tesco and Sainsburys. Note the 5p bag tax takes a lot of students by surprise and there is no shame in taking some bags with you to save the added cost.


The first time I had to do a wash I got my laptop, skyped my mom and took her to the laundry room with me to explain how this very confusing machine worked. Different laundry rooms in different accommodations have different costs so check that out when you are walking past at some point so you can go with the right amount, take your clothes and some washing powder or tablets. There are usually signs with some step-by-step rules to help if you don’t have a “mom-guide” quite so readily available…


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