August 25, 2016, by Anne S

Everything you need to know about….packing for uni

Whether you’re coming to Nottingham by car, bus, train, plane or ALL OF THEM COMBINED, you’re probably wondering how you’ll fit all of your precious belongings in your bags and get them safely to your new room.

Fear not. We’ve got years of advice for you from students who’ve been there and done that many times. Check out the packing tag on this blog for lots of advice on what you really do need, as well as what you can leave at home. Pro tip: don’t bring pets with you.

We’ve also got some vlogs from students who are experts at packing and re-packing for uni, as well as some great practical advice from Michelle about how anyone travelling by plane can make the most of their luggage allowance.

Share your packing tips and pics with us on Twitter/Instagram using #UoNFreshers. 

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