August 1, 2016, by Olivia

Advice from a 2016 Graduate

Your time and experience of university life will be uniquely yours, so why not make the most of it? Having graduated not too long ago I do not know if I am qualified to give you this advice, but hey I made it in the end right? I thought while the memories of university (and my youth) were still fresh I would share a few tips.

First off, having a positive attitude puts you off to a great start. Starting university with a positive outlook will help get you out of those rougher times. For instance: when you’re so ill in bed with freshers flu or battling through a tough exam season. Don’t dwell on the negatives, just accept the situation for what it is, pull through and move on. While it is harder than it sounds, trust me it is better than staying in an endless cycle of negativity.

IMG_5029_FotorNext up, put in the work. Your main focus at university is to get a degree, remember you picked the course and chose to come here. By all means don’t be studying 24/7 (unless you enjoy it) but do keep on top of your work. It is not too difficult to do and you will then have plenty of time to catch up with your mates! Whatever you decide to do, make sure you’re making progress towards the degree you want.

Also, why not participate in the Nottingham Advantage Award? There are so many modules to choose from and you can pick general modules or ones specific to your course. It’s so useful as the skills you pick up will go hand in hand with you
r degree and improve your employability further.

My last piece of advice is take advantage of all the facilities and opportunities the university has to offer! Being a student isn’t just about the student discounts you know. As a student you have access to world class facilities like libraries, fantastic gyms and the endless opportunities for studying abroad and meeting all sorts of people!

Most importantly, live in the moment. When I was a fresher I could not picture my time at university ending but it all went by so quickly. All I can say is enjoy and savour every moment and spend time making lots of great memories.

Take it from me, these truly will be some of the best years of your life.



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