July 25, 2016, by Emily Howard

How to prepare for uni life over the summer

It sounds cliché, but take it from a graduate – starting university is a shock! Moving to a new city, living independently for the first time, making new friends, stepping up a level academically, starting a new course and managing your own time is a LOT to deal with all of a sudden (when you’re busy partying as well). Here are some tips to help you get the basics down before you arrive, so you can impress your new friends like a pro.

1. Get prepped in the kitchen


Potato waffles stuck in the toaster, plastic tubs melted in the microwave, and a diet of canned soup for two weeks straight is not tasty. It really helped me to learn a few favourite recipes before I moved to uni, and my flat mates were well jel! Cooking up classics for your family once or twice a week during the summer is the best way to perfect your spag bol and get used to sustaining yourself.

2. Stick your nose in a book

Remember those emails and bits of paper including preparatory reading lists for the course? Yeah, they’re actually useful… Reading around the subject gets you one step ahead – more time for enjoying yourself!

3. Check out the societies


Yes, that really is Quidditch at nearby Wollaton Park

The Welcome Festival is the best place to find out about and sign up for societies and sports clubs (and grab a free slice of pizza), but it’s definitely worth taking a peek online early to see if anything takes your fancy!

4. Talk to people!

The Students’ Union will be setting up Facebook Groups for each Hall and these may post lists of who is living in each flat or corridor, so you can chat to your future flat mates before arriving! It’s not guaranteed, but scouring social media is a good way to get to grips with the who/what/when of hall and society life (Facebook stalking not endorsed!)

5. Have a look around


Our campus is apparently the biggest in Europe? And the city is fairly easy to navigate, but of course, all the best spots are hidden! Even just an internet search to get to grips with the layout of the campus and city would have helped me massively before arriving geography-less and lost. Plus, finding some of the coolest bars and eateries is a great way to let the excitement overthrow the nerves!

Finally, don’t worry. Remember that these tips are written in hindsight – the chaos is part of what makes student life so special!

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