September 16, 2015, by Anne S

Look after yourself and your friends

University can be a wonderful and exciting time, but also very challenging. We asked the team from StudentMinds Nottingham to share some tips to help you prepare for your new life away from family.

Making friends

  • Leave your door open while you’re unpacking, or attach a friendly sign to it.
  • Invite housemates or coursemates to explore the campus or town centre with you. If they’ve already done it, ask for a tour!
  • Emergency biscuits or teabags are a guaranteed hit with unexpected visitors or gatherings.
  • Introduce yourself to the person queueing or sitting next to you. University provides many opportunities to meet new people.
  • Exchange numbers with coursemates and arrange to attend lectures together for academics as well as social success.
  • Try different societies – you’ll meet like-minded people and may find new interests.

Freshers’ week

Google “getting through” or “surviving” Freshers’ week and you might think it’s an ordeal. Don’t worry if you don’t enjoy it as much as your friends! The university community is there to support you, from hall staff to Nightline and the Student Advice Centre to fellow students and Student Minds.

Even a few weeks into university life many people feel unsettled by the dramatic changes to their life and most experience homesickness. Some visit home on an increasingly frequent basis until they settle.

There’s some great advice on how to cope with change on the StudentMinds blog:

Many people equate fun nights out with drinking and you may feel pressure to drink alcohol. If you prefer to stick to soft drinks, or not spend every evening in the bar, then do so. You won’t be short of alternatives.

StudentMinds will be in the wellbeing zone of the Welcome Festival and is also holding a crafternoon session. 

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