August 26, 2015, by Grace

Societies at Nottingham

At Nottingham there are over 200 societies. Some small, some big, some short, some time consuming. There truly is something for everyone. I cannot stress enough how important it is to get involved in a society, even if the group only meet once a fortnight or month.

Through joining a society you meet lots of likeminded people and make great friends. It completely enriches your university experience. There are things that you can do at university that you might never get the chance to do again. I think a clear example of this is Skydiving, where being a member at university means you can jump for just £16, once qualified! I found it interesting knowing people outside of my course as they had different experiences and stories to tell, which opened up a lot of options for me.


Pic: Skydiving Society

There are different types of societies that you can join. Each course will have a society for it, for example for all the students studying Law there is LawSoc, for Geography students there is GeogSoc so on and so forth. These societies help enrich the course curriculum and often put on networking and careers events to help you figure out what you want to do and how you want to do it. But don’t be fooled, you do not have to be studying the subject to join a particular society. It is just thought that those studying the subject will benefit from what it has to offer most. There are also societies that are not related to a particular degree course. For example, A Capella Society, Comedy Society, Darts Soc, Film Making Society and many more. If you feel like there is a crucial society that Nottingham is missing then all you need to do is find 20 other people who share your vision and set up the society yourself!

Lego Society

Different societies work in different ways. The best way to figure out whether a particular society is going to interest and suit you is to go along to a taster session. The best way to find out about these taster sessions is by going up to the society’s stand at the Welcome Festival. You would also be able to find out what level of commitment the society has and any membership or ongoing costs.

Pictures from Welcome Fair 2014, via The University of Nottingham Students’ Union.

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