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December 13, 2018, by Kate

Participate In Our Research

You can participate in our research here! Both our staff and students conduct research into all aspects of forensic psychology. Sometimes this includes using online surveys to gather anonymous data. This page hosts our current online projects, if you are interested in participating click the links to go directly to the surveys. All projects have ethical approval from an appropriate research ethics committee, if you have any concerns all surveys include details of how to contact the author. You can also get in touch with Kate at:

Research is really important to us, it can help us to understand why people behave in certain ways or which interventions might be helpful for particular populations. We are very grateful to everyone who participates in our research.

Participate in Forensic Psychology Research

Current projects

Experience of stalking-like behaviour survey  – Faye Blazey

If you are aged 18+, based in the UK and have, or have not experienced stalking-like behaviors, we are interested to learn about your experience.

We are particularly interested in understanding if coping strategies and a person’s belief in their ability to cope are linked to the impact of the stalking-like behaviours. We will compare responses from people who have and have not experienced stalking-like behaviour.

When we say ‘stalking-like’ behaviours, we mean when another person has, on more than one occasion, attempted to pursue you or to invade your physical or symbolic privacy. This could be by a stranger or someone you know, they might want or assume a relationship with you, when you don’t want this

Please click here to participate in an online survey about stalking-like behaviour

This study also includes a qualitative follow-up, where we would like to ask people about their experiences in more depth. Please click here if you are interested in participating in the follow-up study


Childhood experiences and psychological symptoms – Kate Green

I am looking for English speaking people aged 18 and over to complete an online survey.

The majority of my research is looking at how people’s experiences in childhood affect them as adults. In my practice, I work with people who pose a risk to themselves or other people (or both). When trying to understand this and help to reduce this risk, I often discover that people have experienced neglect or abuse in their childhoods. It is my (subjective) belief that more often than not ‘dangerous’ adults were once vulnerable children. For this reason, in my research I work to understand how different people’s experiences in childhood affect their thoughts, feelings and behaviours as adults. Ultimately, the aim is to contribute to developing interventions to support people who have suffered adversity in childhood.

This study asks about childhood experiences, psychological well-being, substance use and self-harm. Anyone over the 18 can complete it, and I would really like to get as broad a sample as possible. Please be aware the questions do ask about sensitive topics though.

Picture of a child and an adults hand

Participate in an online survey about childhood experiences and psychological symptoms 

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