Margarita Fedoseyeva

August 13, 2019, by Jackie Thompson

What To Look For In A Future Employer

By Margarita Fedoseyeva, BA Management Studies alumna and Business Director at Macildowie Outstanding Recruitment

During my first week at work, it was if a light had been switched on and I said to myself, “it makes sense now”. As an undergraduate with very little experience of working life, it can be tricky to absorb how factors such as independent study, research and teamwork, might weave into your life.

After graduating and stepping into the world of work, the penny quickly dropped and I realised just how important those skills were. I love the feeling of being able to apply a lot of the theory I’d learnt during my degree into the workplace; from problem-solving and critical analysis to time management and working as a team. Everything I learnt during those three years resulted in me getting to where I am now.

What to look for in a company when job-hunting

In today’s market, more and more job hunters are looking for qualities such as flexible working, reward incentives and a healthy pension scheme on a job specification. Particularly important though, is having, and indeed, retaining, three things – office culture, reputation and name in the marketplace. A business needs to have a consistent message and brand image, supported by a solid team of talented individuals who all strive towards the same goal. Employees are the cornerstone of every business, so it’s crucial for the team as a whole – from executive leadership to everyday employees – to believe in those same values.

How attractive is company culture and flexibility when searching for a new job?

I have been fortunate to experience a great deal of flexibility from the team at Macildowie, allowing me to maintain a comfortable work-life balance; in turn, making me determined to keep working hard. New graduates just entering the workforce are acutely aware of the need for a culture of wellbeing, demanding flexibility and the opportunity to self-develop while working nine to five. If you’re on the job hunt, look for companies that are willing to provide you with flexibility, so you can work on your personal goals and objectives alongside work.

What role do you think social media plays in attracting and retaining talent?

In this day and age, having a social media presence is critical. A business, and its employees, now have the potential to document how it would like to be seen through online platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, driving information straight to an active audience. From documenting business success to celebrating team achievements, it’s a window into how a business operates.

What are the benefits of being a new graduate?

Graduates bring with them something new, whether it’s energy, skill or a new discipline. Looking back to my first experience in the workplace, it’s important to remember how those skills might benefit you. Having just graduated, all that knowledge should be fresh in your memory so don’t be afraid to demonstrate what you’ve learnt, even if it means encouraging the business you’re joining to try something new, something innovative – show your employer what value you will add.

Finding out about the company and what they have to offer you is an important part of job-hunting. We’ve put together a list of questions to kick-start your research and some resources to use.

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