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November 29, 2017, by Carla Froggatt

Five Reasons to Download the Careers Fair App Today

The Careers Fair app is available to download on iOS and Android, and should take less than a minute for you to install. You can also find it by searching for ‘careers fair plus’ in your app store. Once installed you need to search for ‘University of Nottingham.’

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So, why should you? 

1. Save the planet one fair at a time

If you’ve been along to a fair this year, it’s likely that at some point in time you’ve picked up a printed fair guide. Now we’re not getting rid of these just yet, but if you, your friends, and your friends-friends make a move to the app, we might just be able to.

All the information you can get from the fair guide will be accessible on your phone, and as you’ll see if you hang around to read the next four reasons – much more.

2. Get the inside track on employers

Employers are probably the main reason you come to any of our fairs, but what’s important to remember is that you are the reason they come along. So why not come equipped to make an impression? Make sure that when they leave, you’re the student they remember.

How can you make this happen? By coming prepared.

The app makes that easy with comprehensive employer profiles that tell you everything from who they are and where they’re based to what jobs they have on offer and when you need to apply by. What’s more, you can ‘favourite’ employers and add notes to their profile, so if you think of a question that you might forget to ask on the day, you can jot it down for later.

3. Find out how to get ‘fair-ready’

Being prepared is not just about researching employers. It’s about planning for what you want to get out of the day. If you’ve never been to a fair before, it could be as simple as thinking about what to wear or how to introduce yourself.

Take five minutes to think about what motivates you right now.

Do you want to come away a step closer to securing a job? Do you want to find out what types of jobs different employers have to offer? Maybe you just want to get a feel for what happens at a fair?  Once you have a clearer idea of what you want know, head to the handy ‘tips’ section, which will guide you through fair etiquette, elevator pitches and lots more.

4. Step into the virtual map

With over 50 employers at some of this year’s fairs, finding your way around might seem a little daunting. Fear not, we’ve made it easy by integrating a virtual fair map into the app. You can see how the fair will be laid out well in advance of the day, allowing you to easily plan your route.

Remember the feature that allows you to ‘favourite’ employer profiles? Not only does this generate a list of your favourites, but it also syncs that list with the map, allowing you to tick employers off when you’ve been to their stand.

5. And finally, you can use it for every fair this year!

Downloading the app is a great way to get ready for every fair this year, whether you come to one or every one. It’s currently brimming with information about employers, workshops and fair tips – ideal for you to dip in and out of, as and when you have time. Browse the full list of Careers fairs here.


So, what are you waiting for? Download it to your iOS or Android device now. Find more information our website here.

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