October 7, 2015, by Michael Jennings

Making Waves – the life stories of black, British citizens from African-Caribbean communities

Patcee Francis, filmmaker and director of Making Waves, discusses the documentary ahead of our public screening and Q&A on Wednesday 14 October.

Making Waves is a new film from Syncopate Media and comparing the lives of young black people growing up in the 1980’s with those growing up today.

Nearly 40 years after the 1976 Race Relations Act, Making Waves documents the life stories of first and second‐generation black, British Citizens from the African-Caribbean communities.

The film explores and compares the social, cultural and political experiences of the two generations as they attempt to carve a rightful place for themselves in British society. It provides an insight into today’s black, British identity and asks whether the ‘waves’ made by one generation have had a positive impact on the lives of the next.

When making the film, I was fascinated to see how both generations respond to their British Identity and also how they perceive the impact of the 1976 legislation on their own lives.

Now is the ideal time to capture and conserve this historical account, particularly as the social context is so similar for the two generations. Both grew up with a Conservative government in power, both saw riots on the streets of cities across the country and both had concerns with the police and stop and search. This was the backdrop to their youth and helped shape their aspirations, expectations and cultural identity.

The film provides an insight into what life was like for young black Britons in the 1980’s and compares it with the experience of those growing up today.

…Has the Act made a difference? You decide.

Making Waves is a Heritage Lottery Funded film and will be screened on Wednesday 14 October in A30 Lecture Theatre, Nottingham Lakeside Arts, University Park, followed by a Q&A with Patcee. Book your tickets online.

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