06/10/2015, by Steve Galloway

Another First at Filey Brigg

Catching chitons. Marine field trips are always an exercise in keeping one eye on the wildlife and the other on the tide.mfiley Brigg is absolutely brilliant for the rock pool dippers and each year we find species that we have not encountered before. In previous forays we have caught a poorly named ‘sea snail’ (quite a large fish) and the sea lemon (a marine slug), an octopus and many mothers. This year it was the chiton which is about the size colour and shape of a wood louse stuck onto a rock. This is a superficial similarity as the chiton is an armoured mollusc, vaguely like a slug, but with eight armoured plates on its back. They are in a different class to the slugs and snails: the polyplacophora and some, in warmer waters can grow quite large. Ours, small and unprepossessing, made a good model for the students to get another species into their portfolio before we put it back where we found it so that it can go back to grazing peacefully on algae.



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