06/10/2015, by Steve Galloway

CASE Studies – MSc Biological Photography and Imaging Exhibition 14/15


Monday 25th May 2015 saw the start of the second end of year exhibition by the students of the MSc Biological Photography and Imaging students. The first year was hosted within the department, making it a very internal affair, this year we took our first steps out into the public domain, showing at the Surface Gallery in Nottingham City.

The exhibition was named after Brian Case, who alongside current Director of Photography David McMahon launched the MSc course over 15 years ago. Brian sadly passed 6 years ago after a long battle with cancer. The name of the exhibition is in his honour and also reflects the brief of the show.

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The students were each given one of four words – Abstract, Colour, Time and Shape and asked to form their exhibition piece of four images round a study of their given word within the natural world. Each work is unique and individual, each student presented quite an in depth look into their own character as both photographers and as scientists. from close ups of wing details, to specimens found on Iceland’s shore, to the impact of litter within our countryside each body of work will have you considering that distinct line many find hard to cross – art into science.

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The video below shows the preparation undertaken by the students to get the gallery up to their display standard, giving the walls a fresh lick of paint, the exhibition was kindly opened by Kate Macrae – ‘Wildlife Kate’ as she is otherwise known, who imparted to the students the importance of enjoying ones work above all else, which then naturally forms work of interest and most importantly passion.


For the students it was a nerve wracking experience, after the planning, shooting, editing, framing, painting and hanging of their show came the scary part – presenting it to the public. Like all creatives they initially found it challenging to  stand in front of strangers and discuss their images, answering questions as to why they produced what was in front of them, but each of them rose to the challenge and were professional and resolute in their answers to some very curious viewers.

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Exhibiting is ultimately a key marketing tool for any creative, albeit perhaps one of the more terrifying prospects – putting yourself out there in the public domain for anyone to look at your work, question and perhaps challenge you on it is a test of anyones character, but the rewards of someone new finding your work, or even better liking and purchasing your work or taking note of your name to commission at a later date far outweigh the anxiety of being on show.


CASE studies will have a further show at the University of Nottingham within the Biological Photography & Imaging department on the 18th July 2015 in order for members of the University to indulge in the work of our accomplished students over a drink and a chat with course staff members.

Please do get in touch for any further information.

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