January 16, 2016, by Jason Feehily

University-Industrial collaborations

The British Council (Kevin Prest, Senior Analyst Analysis and Liu Xiaoxiao, Education Services Manager) have published a very interesting analysis of the mid-term assessment of the “National Medium and Long-Term Education Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020)” released by the Chinese Ministry of Education. The analysis entitled China records major growth in higher education and calls for the development of strong university-industry links is very much worth a read (you will need to register on the British Council site to access).

The report highlights the strong growth in the tertiary education sector over the last five years and that this will continue. Of particular interest for the knowledge exchange work that I and my team are heavily engaged in was the commitment to strengthen university-industry links. I am quoting directly from the report, Zhang Daliang, Director of the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education, called for the following measures to support the development of world-class universities and a first-class undergraduate education system: ‘ in priority areas, such as agriculture and forestry, geology and mining, petroleum, energy, transportation, environment, water conservation, architecture, medical and pharmaceutical science, and pedagogical education’”.

The University of Nottingham has been successfully developing industry links for a number of years. These links produce a number of benefits both for the company involved and for the University. These include helping companies develop new products and utilising talent and enabling them to position themselves in the market. For the University it provides access to real world challenges but also pathways for our students to work with world leading companies either through internships or full time employment opportunities.

UNNC Building

View of the Trent Building from Campus

I am now based both at Nottingham in the UK and at our Campus in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. We are growing impressive University-Industry collaborations in areas such as new materials, rail, marine economy but also in the creative sector including museums and galleries. This February  we will be holding a healthcare symposium at UNNC with local health partners and delegates from our Medicine and Health Sciences Faculty. These collaborations really anchor us in the Ningbo and local community but also enable us to bring to China international companies who work with the University in the UK and Malaysia. We see the bringing together of the sciences and the arts to benefit industrial partnerships as something that distinguishes Nottingham and its approach to its industrial collaborations.


Entrance view of University of Nottingham Ningbo China

We are really looking forward to the Year of the Monkey and the opportunities for the University in industrial collaboration in China. These are very exciting times to extend and develop these partnerships in Ningbo and across China.

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