Berger, Boundaries, Buddhism: looking at a Greek coin

John Berger wrote that “the way we see things is affected by what we know or what we believe”; let’s consider particular ancient Greek coin in this light.

Empowering Images

Dr Katharina Lorenz discusses the origins of her interest in mythological imagery through a study of two scenes from the Pergamon altar.

Euphronios and EURO 2016

What does the European Football Championship have to do with Greek art? Andreas Kropp has been tuning in…   Britain is Brexiting, Europe is reeling, and we can’t even begin to comprehend what just hit us. So how about this, let’s instead just focus our attention on that other thing gripping the continent these days, …

Back to the Future

Katharina Lorenz revisits Percy Gardner’s views on Classics, teaching ancient art, and changing the world. “If anything has been proved in the history of education during the last half century, it is that mere technical instruction in detail does not produce the highest efficiency. It is here that many so-called practical men are mistaken. The …