August 14, 2017, by Guest Blogger

Do your research! – Gabriel’s tips for Adjustment

From my experience, if you change your mind about the degree you want to do or the university you want to go to, you should keep these points in mind:

  1. Make sure you thoroughly research the degrees or universities you are thinking of changing to, to make sure they’re the right choice for you, well before results day.
  2. Use various sources of information to get a well-rounded view of the degree or university, such as university websites, current students, alumni, parents, teachers and even lecturers. Use all your connections.
  3. When you decide on the university or degree that you want to change to, look for the likelihood of it being available for Adjustment and, if it’s not very likely, maybe look for a similar alternative.
  4. When you know that the degree or university might be available for Adjustment, find the contact details you need for the institution, and make sure you save them on your phone.
  5. Above all, be prepared for any scenario on results day, so that, no matter what you get, you have a plan to follow.

Finally, stay calm on Results Day. If you’ve prepared well, all you need to do is follow your plan whatever happens.

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