August 7, 2017, by Guest Blogger

I had to go with my guts – Najiha’s Adjustment story

What do you do when you have a hunch telling you to give up your unconditionally offered firm choice at the very minute you hold your A level results? You follow it.

I exceeded my grades for my firm choice and decided that I could do better and apply for Adjustment at the University of Nottingham. I knew I didn’t want to study in London and my primary reason in choosing the university is because of its School of Economics’ exceptional reputation. Many people were against the idea of adjustment but I know I had to go with my guts.

Despite having to wait for a while for the Adjustment/Clearing hotline to go through, the process was easier than I thought. After emailing a couple of documents, I received the CAS letter a few days after and before I knew it, I was on a plane from Malaysia to the UK.

I had both high and low expectations coming to Nottingham and initially, I felt overwhelmed with how foreign everything felt. Since I applied for Adjustment, I didn’t get my first choice of accommodation but living in a catered hall is a remarkable experience for an international student. I have made good friends from different backgrounds in Lenton & Wortley Hall and they made Nottingham feel like home away from home. Nottingham was the change I never knew I needed as it has the perfect balanced lifestyle for a city girl like me.

When my guts called for a change, I knew I had to follow it. My only regret was not to have applied to the university earlier to save the hassle of going through the Adjustment process. But if you ask me, I know it was worth it.

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