August 7, 2017, by Guest Blogger

Clearing: as easy as Pi…mm’s – Danielle’s tips

‘Freedom’, you think, as you take your first sip of Pimm’s in your local beer garden.

You’ve finished your A levels, the sun is shining and you’ve literally never felt this free. Well, not since you finished your GCSEs. But you’re an adult now, and can celebrate like one too … sorry if you’re 17.

That’s when it comes though, that daunting feeling of failure that keeps crawling into your mind when you finally think you’ve forgotten about the impending doom, that is, RESULTS DAY.

There’s no better way to escape this seemingly inescapable fear than to be prepared. I don’t mean the old ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ mantra your teachers love, I mean the ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ kind of preparation. I know that there’s undoubtedly a university that you LOVE; however, just because you don’t get the grades, it doesn’t mean you won’t be pulling up in September with a car full of things your mum insisted you need (she’s probably right, that first aid kit will be your saving grace).

Clearing is definitely an option you should consider in your preparation for university, not only will it alleviate the inevitable stress that obtaining certain grades creates, but it’s also a great way to apply for a course if you surprise yourself on results day and suddenly decide that you DO want to go to university.

It’s such an easy process if you’ve put even the option of Clearing into your results day plans.

UCAS, that loathsome devil which has been the highlight and lowlight of your past year (personal statements being its spawn), has the official vacancy list online. Additionally, your university will have a list of all the options available to you, AND, if that wasn’t easy enough, The Telegraph also publishes a list.

Simple, eh?

So, don’t stress about results day. Because, whether you believe it or not, there’s something out there for you that will make your time at university unforgettable. And remember: great experiences often stem from the places that are most unexpected.

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