July 31, 2017, by Guest Blogger

Give it some thought… – Aiden’s tips

The summer following A level exams is spent differently by every university applicant.

Whether you want to simply chill out at home, pack your bags and get away, or work to earn some money to fund your freshers’ week, there’s no right or wrong way of spending that time.

Despite this, there is one thought lingering in the back of every applicant’s mind: results.

Some people think about results day more than others – for some it may manifest itself as worry, for others it’s no more than a far-away notion, not worth spending more than 30 seconds on. Again, there’s no right or wrong way to think about it. On one hand, you should try to enjoy your summer and attempt not to preoccupy yourself with it too much, but on the other it’s good to have a think every now and then!

So, for when you do have a think about it, here are three tips which may come in handy:

  • Inform yourself
    Results day could go one of three ways. No matter what the outcome, you won’t regret knowing what options are available to you, as it’ll be invaluable if circumstances change.
  • Be optimistic
    Many people’s overriding thought will be ‘What if things go wrong?’, but thinking on the opposite end of the spectrum will help give you a more balanced thought process. You never know, it might happen!
  • Keep an open mind
    There’s no shame in not doing as well as you’d hoped. Keeping an open mind allows you to think more clearly and will help you to assess your options better. Alternatively, you may do better than expected and so could upgrade to another university. Either way, be willing to think about things you haven’t previously considered, like different places and different course types, or even different courses altogether. This will allow you to make the best of your situation no matter what the circumstance, and will lessen the chance of a rash decision.

That isn’t a huge amount to think about; however, it will give you all the preparation you need for your results and more. The same goes for everyone, no matter what happens on results day, you can make the eventual outcome positive. Enjoy the summer, have a think, but most importantly, GOOD LUCK!

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