July 31, 2017, by Guest Blogger

Changing plans through Adjustment – Jemi from Kenya

Sitting at home, anxiety rushing through my blood, I log into UCAS and see that my firm choice had accepted me. Normally one would jump for joy but not in this case. I was bummed.

I didn’t want to go so far out, I didn’t want to do the course I had got into, and I especially did not want to graduate from a mediocre university. I was stuck in a predicament where I had good grades but a university that I absolutely could not imagine myself in. Usually I take what I get without complaining. But given that my parents would be paying an odd £10,000 a year, I knew I had to make the most out of the situation.

I hadn’t planned a gap year yet and with my personality there is no way I was about to start planning and I couldn’t begin to imagine myself sitting at home for a year doing nothing. So, I had to find a solution, which led me to look for universities with Adjustment spaces for economics that were more credible than what I had.

I had planned for this process to take ages, and probably not get me into any universities that were worth it. In my head, it was pretty much the end and I would have to reapply next year. As these thoughts were rushing through my head, I was distracted and didn’t realise I had got through to the University’s Admissions. When I began to engage with them, I was stunned, not only at the efficiency of the process but also at the willingness of the Admissions Offices to help. I had got good grades yes, and now got into an even better university to go with them all in the span of an hour. I finally had the uni thrill.

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